B&K Construction Co., LLC has received many prestigious awards and recognitions. In the past 6 years, B&K Construction Co., LLC was twice awarded the “Superior Safety Performance” award by the US Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District. The awards are proof that the company carries out its mission statement whose roots are based on a safe working environment.

B&K Construction Co., LLC has performed multiple USACOE projects following hurricane Katrina. B&K Construction mobilized forces and commenced work to plug the breaches within 5 days after the hurricane. The company’s responsiveness to the relief efforts lead by the US Army Corps of Engineers was recognized through multiple Certificates of Appreciation given by the USACOE.

The quality of our projects is evidenced through documented awards, recognitions, and letters from customers. Each project has a Quality Control Officer whose responsibility is to exclusively monitor the quality of the work performed. Top management impresses the importance of a job well done and rewards employees through safety and quality bonuses.