B&K Construction Co.'s mission is to provide a safe work place and achieve efficiency and effectiveness through
innovation high quality, and responsiveness to customers.


B&K Construction Co., LLC has experience constructing levees, oxidation ponds, sewer treatment lagoons, excavation of drainage canals, and miscellaneous excavations for roadwork and pipeline work. Following the events of hurricane Katrina, B&K has reconstructed 21 miles of earthen levee from Port Sulphur to Fort Jackson. This project was accomplished by working 7 days per week and using on average 150 tri-axle dump trucks to transport 5000 CY of earthen material per day over a 60 mile round trip from the dirt pit to the levee


B&K Construction Co., LLC is licensed in Municipal and Public Works Construction. This work involves the installation of sewer lines, water lines, drainage lines, along with sewer, water, and drain line structures. B&K specializes in the installation of large and deep sewer, water, and drainage lines. We have installed Sewer Lift Stations up to 50’ deep and utility lines up to 120” in diameter.  

B&K Construction Co., LLC is licensed in Heavy Construction.  Our primary line of business in the installation of concrete piles, timber piles, steel pipe piles, steel sheet piles and steel H-piles. The company owns pile driving cranes, vibratory hammers, impact hammers, pile driving leads, and pile driving accessories and templates.  B&K has experience driving piles on pumping stations, sewer treatment plants, building foundations, bulkheads, docks, box culverts, concrete canals, canal pipeline crossings, pipe racks, and hurricane protection levees.  


B&K Construction Co., LLC has experience in multiple facets of concrete construction including bridge construction, flatwork airport runway work, concrete canal bottom paving, floodwall and hurricane protection walls, concrete box culvert construction, drainage structures, petro-chemical plant foundations, sewer treatment and pumping station containment structures and any other work that calls for the vertical forming and pouring of concrete.

Our experience with structural concrete work is evidenced by the projects on this page.  Please note that the Lilly Bayou project included 55000 CY of concrete that was produced and placed by B&K work forces.  We purchased a concrete batch plant from Erie, PA and transported it to our site in Baker, LA.  The plant was erected and a conveying system was installed to place the concrete for the structure.  


TB&K Construction Co., LLC owns jacking and boring equipment to install steel casing pipe up to 96” diameter. The largest jack and bore project that the company has accomplished involved the installation of a 120″‘ diameter pipe 160’ long. The native material is inconsistent and a jacking and boring tunnel is generally hard to keep on line and grade. B&K crews excel at this task. With 25 years of experience in jacking and boring installations, the large diameter bores are installed on line and grade within 3/4 of an inch