In 1912, H.B. Kenyon, Sr. founded the Howard Kenyon Dredging Co. of Houston, Texas, marking the beginning of what has become a long family tradition of specialized heavy construction serving the Gulf States.

In they early days, most of the work performed by Howard Kenyon Dredging Co., was related to flood control and dam construction along the Mississippi and Colorado Rivers in Louisiana and Texas for the Army Corps of Engineers. One of the larger more memorable projects was the construction of the guide walls for the Bonnet Carre Control Structure in New Orleans.  This project was built during the administration of Governor Huey Long. During the 1940’s, the company mined bauxite for Reynolds Aluminum in support of the war efforts and during the 1950’s and 60’s constructed a large part of the Intracoastal Canal System from Victoria, Texas to the Mexican border.

In 1978, H. Boone Kenyon formed B & K Construction Co., LLC and began a diversification plan to extend into multiple fields of heavy construction, including water and sewer pipeline and plant construction, road and street work, and industrial and mechanical construction. Over the last decade, B&K has developed info a multi-faceted construction company with an aggressive and experienced work force and a reputation for quality performance.

Throughout the 20th and 21st century, the Kenyon family companies have demonstrated outstanding leadership in all areas of the Gulf Coast by providing equal employment opportunities, safe working conditions, and excellent economic rewards to our employees.




H.B Kenyon, President and Blake Andrews, Vice President

Front/Center - H.B Kenyon - President
From Right to Left: W. Blake Andrews - Vice President, Gary "Bulldog" Martindale - General Superintendent, Jeff J. Comeaux - General Superintendent, Mike A. Tassin - General Superintendent, Robbie Whitaker - Superintendent, David A. Wenk - General Superintendent